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Basescu: Day of Remembrance of Victims of Holocaust - a debt of honor and a call to responsibility for Romanian people

President Traian Basescu sent, on Wednesday, a message on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust in Romania, stating that this day is a debt of honor and a call to responsibility towards the historical truth for the Romanian people, the Presidential Administration informs.

'It's a day with a special symbolism, an expression of the fact that the Romanian state is committed to ensure the freedom and fundamental rights of all its citizens in the spirit of respect for the otherness and of the rule of law', says the message.

The head of the state also said that evocation of suffering and ideologically justified persecutions, to which the Jewish and Rroma communities were subjected to, is shocking .

' We participate today, through our compassion and respect, in evoking this human tragedy that has marked the history of the twentieth century and whose reverberations will continue to be felt by generations to come. At the same time, it is important that the legacy of suffering that marked the destiny of the Jewish people leaves room for hope and reconciliation in the name of the values that define us and by which we preserve our humanism and dignity ', said Traian Basescu.

He stressed that ' the memory of some crimes that had the power to shake to the grounds our civilization, of the spirit that has kept together the old Europe should have the power to catalyze, through today's generation, a new spirit for a united Europe where, unfortunately, there are still extremist and xenophobic trends '.

'Exclusion , intolerance, anti-Semitism , contempt towards what you do not know are, equally, effects of our limited capacity to respond to the challenges launched daily in the world we live in, a world torn apart by economic and social tensions, civil wars, unprecedented cruel acts against innocent people ' , the head of state argued.

Traian Basescu said that, on this day, 'we have the opportunity to reflect upon a civilization of piece'.

'I consider that especially in a day when we evoke the suffering of a people, but also the power to forgive and to build a durable civilization and culture that are part of Romania's heritage, we have the opportunity to reflect with maturity and responsibly to the significance of a civilization of peace. (...) for the evocation of human suffering not to be in vain it is necessary that all our efforts be directed towards an ideal of national community, where patriotism is perceived as dialogue and knowledge, as respect for the law and for the institutions designed to serve the common good ', he also said.

'I believe that Romania, as a country that is committed to respect the exigencies of the rule of law, shall have the power to make from the assumption of the past the starting point for a national vision, set to prevent the repeat of episodes that tainted the history', the President emphasized.

He addressed the members of Jewish communities 'his deep appreciation for their original contribution to the Romanian culture and national heritage' .