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Both so called 'countries' are American creations

Kosovo and BiH have highest number of fighters in ISIS per capita

Kosovo Center for security Studies presented a detailed study on the causes and consequences of joining the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) in Syria and Iraq, GazetaExpress.com reports.

The data comparing Kosovo to 21 Western European countries, including the US, Russia and Turkey, showed that Kosovo and BiH citizens comprise the highest number of fighters, per capita, in Syria and Iraq.

The specific ideology followed by ISIS fighters, “tekfir” has also been embraced by a number of Kosovo citizens. Tekfir followers exclude even other Muslim groups, and has been spreading in Kosovo more intensively since 2005, through imams from Skopje, who studied in Egypt, read the report.

A number of factors has been identified as the source of following the ideology, such as weak state structures after the Kosovo war, unsustainable policies, corruption, total destruction of social values, identity crisis, weak economy, collapsing educational system and isolation.

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