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Tiny Slovenia Prepares for an Influx of Refugees

In just a matter of days, the small former Yugoslav republic of Slovenia has been propelled into the center of Europe's refugee crisis.

The closure of Hungary's southern border with Serbia on Tuesday has forced thousands of refugees to consider new routes to their desired destinations, such as Germany and other northern European countries.

Many have moved eastwards to Croatia, with more than 7,300 refugees entering the country since Wednesday. Most refugees are expected to keep moving northwards and seek to cross Croatia's 415-mile

border with Slovenia, with the Slovenian Red Cross saying on Thursday that it expects 5,000 refugees to enter the country in the coming days.

Slovenia is taking steps to prepare for an influx. On Wednesday, the Central European state informed the European Commission that it was reintroducing border controls along its eastern border with Hungary for 10 days.

Slovenian Police Commissioner Marjan Fank also said that presence of police at the Croatian border would likely be increased to deal with the expected increase in refugees attempting to cross.

The Slovenian border with Croatia forms part of the external border of Europe's Schengen area—a 26 country bloc wherein European citizens can move freely without need for passports.
Tiny Slovenia Prepares for an Influx of Refugees