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March of the migrants now 'out of control' as Croatia sends thousands more towards overwhelmed Slovenia, who are left to beg the EU for help policing its borders

Slovenia blasts Croatia for ignoring requests to contain the migrant surge and called on rest of EU to solve crisis

It says it can only handle 2,500 migrants a day but claims 8,300 refugees are already being held in the country

Police surrounded hundreds more migrants in a muddy field near the border before escorting them to packed centre

Slovenia is pleading with the EU to send more police to patrol its borders as thousands more migrants enter the country on their way to western Europe.

The country's president Borut Pahor said he needed 'fast assistance' from the EU as it emerged that about 19,500 migrants have entered Slovenia since Friday.

It comes as Slovenia accused Croatia of sending thousands of refugees toward its borders 'without control' after ignoring requests to contain the surge.

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