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Default Poland could be forced to leave EU by its judicial reforms, top court pretends

Government plans to overhaul the justice system could force Poland to leave the European Union, the country's supreme court has warned.

In a 40-page document, the court wrote that proposals introduced by the ruling part Law and Justice (PiS), including the dismissal of judges who critical of the reforms, could threaten the precedence of (((EU law))) over national legislation.

The PiS proposal is an "attempt to force all judges (...) to apply all the laws voted by the majority in power", the Court said, even if a judge or a court estimates that such laws are "incompatible with upper legal standards".

"The contradiction between Polish and EU law (...) will lead with high probability to an intervention by institutions of the European Union for infringement of EU treaties", the Polish Supreme Court warned.

"In the long run", the Court said, this could lead to "the need to leave the European Union".


Sitting on 300 years of stealable coal, Poland has even less chance of leaving the EU than the United Cuckdom has.