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Thumbs up Download Jud Süss - Goebbels' award winning antisemitic blockbuster

I've just watched this it's really good. It's a story that must have been repeated over and over again throughout Europe - some fool let's the Jews in, they fuck things up, they get kicked out again, but only after the Europeans suffer much misery and strife.


On the eve of war in 1939, Nazi Propaganda minister Goebbel's attention was strongly focused on three anti-Semitic film projects:

Der Ewige Jude (Link)
Die Rothschilds (Link)
Jud Süss (Link)

With Jud Süss being the most commercially successful of the three.

Long respected as history’s most incendiary film, Jud Süss was the cultural centerpiece in Joseph Goebbels’ campaign against the Jews. Released in 1940, it was a box office sensation across Germany and Europe; alongside the movie’s theatrical distribution, it became a staple of Nazi propaganda evenings organized by the Hitler Youth, SS and others.

Jud Süss was launched at the Venice Film Fesitival in September 1940, to extraordinary acclaim; it recieved the "Golden Lion" award and rave reviews. By 1943 viewership of the film was reported as over 20.3 million people