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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

this is it - the good life. the men are committed to virtue. the women follow the men. if the men are indeed good men, this will work. this is the pattern that ACTUALLY WORKS. not the independent equals in a partnership you hear about. people aren't that "good" whether men or women, and if one sex has the ability to reap huge social and monetary rewards for reneging on an agreement (marriage contract) it will happen. That's how ZOG has redesigned things, for the benefit of jews, who profit by wrecking the families of competing nations.

The truth is, women, you must find the best man you can, in your nubility window (roughly 18-25), marry him, and stay loyal to him for good or bad, no asterisks. This requires character. Character is uncommon these days. But if you can somehow produce it, you can have the good life these people do. Not necessarily on their level, they are very smart, goodlooking and studious, not all have their genetic gifts, but they are modeling a pattern that all CAN follow.

notice these folks shiny coats. their clear eyes. their glowing skin. their -- most of all -- deep settledness. notice how jews use "settle" as a term of abuse. that bears pondering on. these women have had 8 and 5 children, respectively. and we have people saying that whites can't breed like other races. bullshit. the reason they're happy is not just that have a lot of children but that they aren't constantly wildcatting looking for the opposite sex, which is extremely stressful, for all the "fun" it's supposed to be stressful, expensive, and wastive of time you cant get back.

the minute you turn 50, if you havent realized it earlier, you will realize that time is the most precious thing you have. it moves faster as you age, and it doesnt ever return if you lose it.

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