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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
this is it - the good life. the men are committed to virtue. the women follow the men. if the men are indeed good men, this will work. this is the pattern that ACTUALLY WORKS. not the independent equals in a partnership you hear about. people aren't that "good" whether men or women, and if one sex has the ability to reap huge social and monetary rewards for reneging on an agreement (marriage contract) it will happen. That's how ZOG has redesigned things, for the benefit of jews, who profit by wrecking the families of competing nations.
This is nice and thanks for sharing it. By going back to tradition we can save our people.

Families being wrecked is the most horrible thing and it all comes from this stupid culture where the purpose of life is personal happiness. Everyone lives on a whim based on what brings pleasure of the moment, not much regard for duty or what will bring true real long-term happiness.
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