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My self-described "child free" cousin is after saying to me "Why do you make your life harder for no reason?" and that gets to the core of the child free whites, their only goal is for life to be easy. The sense of fulfillment of creating a large and strong family, raising them well, and on your death bed being surrounded by them as you say goodbye and see them continue on, knowing they will continue to stick together and be strong and further the family without you... how is any temporary pleasure of this life worth anything compared to that?

And as to what you say above Alex... sex without love, as a purely physical act, without a higher purpose, is nothing... it is base... what is the point? Using, and being used, by other people, for purely physical sensations... people you don't know well, people who may have diseases (which are increasingly antibiotic resistant)... it's disgusting.

And why are the child free obsessed with traveling around their big city, or even traveling around the world to "find" themselves, to try different cuisines, and supporting immigration because they like trying new foreign cuisines. And they think it makes them sophisticated, and they post photos of different foods on social media. Why do people put off marriage and children for the sake of trying out different people for sex, different foods to eat, different drugs at different parties. It is such vice and they are so proud of it. Willing to sacrifice our culture for food... such pigs... it is nothing more than a taste in your mouth. So concerned about appeasing the appetite to constantly seek new exotic ways of satisfying it is a vice and it does not make you sophisticated. That they are ostentatious about it makes it all the more piggish.
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