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Originally Posted by Spring74 View Post
They do not want any white children to KNOW the heritage languages of their German, Austrian, Russian, scotland, British, etc...languages. They do not want white children to know they had white Ancestors.
The globalist jew and well-known professor Marian Radetzki, who lives and works in Sweden, hates his host country so much that he actually wants to abolish the Swedish language and replace it with English – because we live in "a globalized world", as he put it.

Radetzki's insane and hateful proposal got a lot of attention in Sweden, and it was met with outrage or incredulity, but it's virtually impossible to find an English-language article about it – and that's probably because the jews who control the international media understand how bad it makes them look. They obviously agree with their fellow tribesman Radetzki since they want all white peoples to have one government, one currency, one language, etc. That's what globalism is all about: to turn whites into rootless cosmopolitans. But Radetzki's proposal was simply too blunt and caused a backlash.

Marian Radetzki. "Trust me, goyim."

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