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Originally Posted by jaekel View Post
NO response? Really?
For years I've been hearing the 'worse is better' crowd talk about how much better it will be when there is no money for the police.
Well, here it is! What now?
Nothing but crickets
Your point/s seems kind of seem to be saying that because niggers apparently are worse than ever - more powerful than ever - somewhere which I don't see seem to just say that you heard x from someone who heard x...3rd party hearsay.

To be fair/honest, it's definitely plausible (if not even probable) that the vague tale you've told is 100% true somewhere in current moment 'murica, aka the world's largest insane asylum (also the world's largest unofficial/unrecognized insane asylum too! Go 'murica!)

But since your main point is to discredit the "worse is better" meme, I'll address your post from my perspective (I am convinced America must symbols/myths/etc, down with the stars & stripes/"muh founding freemason puritanical daddies" & the rest of that ultimately disastrous experiment.... just like how Hitler created a new flag/culture/symbols/etc, because there wasn't any "saving/reforming" that filth in which Germans were mired):

*Logically,* which group of "white nationalists" is more likely to succeed in forming an Aryan ethnostate (even if it's only a small town) community that officially bans non-Aryans?

A group which has to contend with Orwellian styled militarized police who obey jews &/or their christ.cuck golem? Who will infiltrate and actively disrupt the group of "white nationalists" at every turn, setting them against each other, &/or framing them for hoax "crimes"? Who also will protect and unofficially ally themselves with leftists who hunt down the group of "W.N.'" and try to kill them? Who do what badge niggers do, when "W.N."'s or especially National Socialists defend themselves from an unprovoked attack by jew golem...arrest the W.N.'s &/or National Socialists for defending themselves?


Or the "white nationalist" group - perhaps in the same exact location to simplify things - which faces not the usual jewish golem leftist mob...but a more dangerous version of them. The golem leftists have armed themselves with firearms. BUT, there are no badge niggers (or feds).

If we presume the white nationalists/National Socialists also have firearms, I think we all know who is most likely to win. If law enforcement were not militarized minions of the judeo-christ.cucks willing to tyrannize their own people - aka viciously & resolutely anti-Aryan - then there would be a logical argument in favor of the cops.

Anyway, who says defunding the police truly = "worse is better"? I personally agree with Linder...there was apparently a time when men were men in this country. When it was just a matter of fact that your arse was on the line every day and you better know how to defend yourself rather than de facto automatically always shriek out like a damsel in distress expecting someone else to protect you from the bully.

That one paragraph above obviously simplifies things, a lot. To be clear, I am not even saying to permanently abolish law enforcement altogether as a concept, though I do think any Aryan leadership ought to consider at least the idea of continuing to have militarized professional cops (rather than some sort of local rescue task force or militia...which would probably evolve sooner or later into professional cops long term).

We are so trained to surrender our sovereignty to 3rd parties, and is it wrong to at least wonder whether that is part of what led us to be sheep ready for the slaughter? The jews rely upon traitor Aryans to protect them (for their fake currencies), but they do not hesitate to employ their defenses with utter mercilessness. Viciously. And with extreme unrelenting prejudice.

As Linder pointed out along these lines, for example, there are legal regulations forcing people to hire "expert" termite removers rather than allowing citizens to purchase anything that actually works to kill termites (basically, apparently government is artificially creating & propping up an industry by forcing us to hire other people to resolve one potential life't is probably doing that for "muh economy"...worship of "money").

Anyway, obviously, it seems like it'd be great if we could just vote our way out of this mess. It seems like it'd be great to "reform" America wherein it becomes ours again, without sacrifice, especially unprecedented in any of recorded history rivers of blood tier of sacrifice...

Seriously...can America be saved? If so, how, logically, not the way your emotions want reality to be. Specifically, how could America be "reformed" - especially without things first getting "worse"?

Even if by magic (or something, idk,lots of "white nationalists" seem to actually expect such a thing rather than risk getting their hands dirty), even if by magic we could replace judeo-christ.cucks with legit pro-Aryans who won't betray the rest of their race instantly...a hot civil war could easily take think the power grid is going to stay up during a full scale civil war? Good for you if you're one of the tiny minority of Aryan's who are as prepped as is practical for such a calamity (get started if not, do your best or die trying, good luck too)'s estimate up to 90% of Americans will die if the power grid goes down nationally for more than a month (or so). Is that not "worse" before better by any objective measure?

Also, remember your holohoax lessons? Even though Hitler refused to do what must be done to protect our race from the jews in the long term, there were tons of Aryans/Europeans who secretly assisted the jews, even after they had seen how Germany became much much much much much much more powerful/prosperous/healthy after Hitler removed the jews from positions of influence/power...and in the middle of a war of annihilation, in the middle of World War II! Tons of Europeans - including Germans - secretly assisted random jews in avoiding being sent to work camps, as Germans all around them were being orphaned/raped/killed. As the Hellstorm bombings were waged. As 80 countries openly declared war upon Germany, demanding unconditional surrender (don't forget that the Morgenthau plan to exterminate the German race was leaked & the Nazi's obtained copies & made sure to share it with all Germans...they KNEW!)

My point about those brainwashed Aryans (most of them were devout christ.cucks) who still knowingly assisted our (((mortal enemy))) during the struggle for mere existence...even if the instant magical magic plans I listed above took place and pro-Aryans took over the government out of thin air - a bloodless magical takeover - what of all the tens of millions of shitskins? What of the millions of European-American traitors who would still side with their beloved shitskins?

How would it still not be "worse before it gets better" even in that overall/long-term AWESOME magical scenario? Explain, logically...

I think Europeans will eventually defeat the jews (if the right pro-European leaders are anti-christian), but right now, in my local area, it is considered "cool/fashionable/trendy" for Aryan women to openly betray us (which I NEVER saw pre-Obama) could a collapse of this rotten system be "worse" in the great scheme of things, long-term?

We do have a disordered social order, true. We have material comforts (which come at soul-crushing costs), true. We do still have ostensible "prosperity."

Yet,'s just about unbearable (yes, I am working to gtfo, evidently not seriously/hard enough, typing all this out). Instead of encountering at least a few brother's and sisters, there are hideously obese zombies - literal mindless creatures incapable &/or unwilling to take the hand of someone trying to save them from their own stupidity/ignorance...everywhere.

They are created and sustained by the very same social order you seem to want to preserve at all costs. It's true that this is a literal "sin city," that is n'awlins nickname same as is Las Vegas...but it is the future for everywhere else in America so long as America is America, minus the small minority of Europeans (like me! & hordes of hopelessly brainwashed) that still live in such a forsaken Hell. Point being, individually, I sure af hope I have some more time before rivers of blood flow everywhere across the continent - but I accept that so long as Aryans fight back as an explicitly pro-Aryan & anti-judeo-christ.cucking...that that terrible happening is overall not nearly as bad as America limping on perpetuating Americanism.

Everywhere in America, Europeans are an openly mocked/hated/oppressed/systematically being annihilated in an otherwise unfathomably sadistic torturous way...and we are forced to pay for our own annihilation. The system must die.

You're welcome to come to New Orleans to find out if you think I'm spewing untruth...but I would NOT recommend it, unless you have a literal Aryan liberation army handy, an army ready & willing to act ruthlessly.

P.S.- Btw, most biological Aryans above age 14 would be your mortal enemies if you bring an Aryan/European liberation army down to da bayou. To the place where there is a house of the rising sun (still standing). The Chocolate City, as monkey "mayor" Ray Nagin vowed it would forever be after Hurricane Katrina...a mayor monkey "who" recently was released from jail. Whew! TDLR done!

Crickets, indeed.