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Originally Posted by Kosher Clown View Post
They've NEVER planned to "defund the police".

What they're attempting to do is abolish ALL Local, State, Police and Sheriff's Departments nationwide. They want US law enforcement completely under the Federal Government's control and oversight.

The Self-Chosen Tribe has always planned to create a "Nationalized" Federal Police force, (a.k.a. Internal Security Force), in this country that answers only to their own Dual Israeli/U.S. Citizenship-holding politicians, not to any local judge or court.

This type of Authority will work hand-and-glove with their other loathsome creation, the Pro-International Marxist UN, to enforce its "International Resolutions" against White Americans.

This is what we'll be facing beginning next year after JoHo and the D-Rat's seize power in Washington, good people.

That is an excellent point that has not crossed my mind. A blanket national police, easily controlled and practically another wing of the military under red Jewish ownership. It has slowly been headed that way for a long time with the militaristic police we have today. The ZOG foot soldiers and green niggers are just another enemy until we take control and install a new system by force.

Anyway, good eye opener.