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Originally Posted by jaekel View Post
That makes sense. Let em burn it down.
Don't inerfere at the federal level.
This may lead to balkanization. Some areas will allow the rioting, some won't.
It does make the lines more clearly defined by who will put up with it, and who won't.
It's happening in almost exclusively loony liberal areas.

They occasionally take it somewhere where they're really not wanted, and get their ass handed to them. Like Sturgis.

The more divided the country is, the better it is for us. Revolution doesn't happen without a catalyst.

I don't really give a damn who wins the election, but I hope it's highly disputed, challenged and controversial, and it gets dragged out for months. If Trump loses, then I hope it looks like it was stolen. If Trump wins, then I hope he wins by 50 votes in a swing state to barely scrape out a win after a dozen recounts. The kettle is boiling, so let's turn up the heat and make some more steam.
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