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Originally Posted by Kosher Clown View Post
No one is going to interfere on the Federal level. There are exactly two possibilities that exist to explain the reason why.

One: Trump clearly has no intention to clamp down on the violence before the election. Instead, he's selfishly using these increasingly-murderous riots as leverage to win his own re-election.

Two: The far worse, but also more realistic possibility is that he has been ordered by his Tribal Masters not to interfere with the opening stages of their long-planned American Bolshevik Revolution.

If this is indeed the case, there is absolutely no doubt he has also been ordered to concede quietly to JoHo whenever enough fake mail-in ballots are finally produced to "prove" that he "Officially" lost the election.

The fact that in early July at least one of his Joint Chief-Of-Staff Generals very publicly stated his intentions of disobeying orders from his Commander-In-Chief, in itself makes the second possibility far more likely, IMHO.

It also would be proof-positive that International Zionist Jewry has a truly unbreakable stranglehold on literally each and every aspect of Political and Military Power. Both in this country, and most others.

Regardless of which one of these two possibilities turns out to be true, there's one other thing to always bear in mind.

When this Shit goes nationwide and spills out into Suburban and Rural areas this fall, if you attempt to defend yourself and your family you will at the very least be facing multiple Federal Hate Crime Felony charges. Whether your local DA decides to charge you with something else in Civil court or not.

Dark Times Ahead...In. Fucking. Deed.

You're full of shit. A troll.
You only present losing possibilities. You are a Marxist attempting to demoralize people on this thread.