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Meet the despicable Ghislaine Maxwell who procured underage girls for Epstein and his guests:

Is Ghislaine Maxwell a jewess? Of course she is, folks:

It's always jews. Always.

Jeffrey Epstein demanded ‘three orgasms a day… like eating’: court docs

By Emily Saul and Andrew Denney
August 9, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein had an insatiable sexual appetite that included threesomes with “strap-on” dildos and a required three orgasms a day, according to court documents unsealed Friday.

The convicted pedophile would allegedly have his butler clean up after him once he was finished with his victims.

“I would find things like a dildo,” said John Alessi in a 2016 deposition unveiled in Friday’s document dump, which was related to a defamation suit filed against Epstein’s alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Alessi noted how Epstein’s sex toy of choice was “called a double.

“I find these things, put my gloves on, [take] it out and rinse it and put it in Ms. Maxwell’s closet,” he said, speaking to the lawyer for Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre, who filed the defamation suit.

Maxwell, a British socialite, helped the accused serial rapist recruit and groom underage girls to abuse, according to the court papers.

Giuffre was allegedly recruited at the age of 16 and abused for years.

Her former boyfriend testified how she told him about alleged threesomes she had with Maxwell and Epstein — and how the pair would both use “strap-ons and stuff like that.’

One of his alleged victims, who was unnamed, also claimed that Epstein, 66, had a “deformed’’ penis.

It was “egg-shaped,’’ the accuser said.

So the perverted jew Epstein and his fellow jew Ghislaine Maxwell (allegedly) had strap-on sex together with their teenage sex slaves. And Western Christians still believe that these disgusting sacks of shit are "God's chosen people"...