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Default Bought a couple shotguns this weekend.

One is a 20 gauge pump. Remmington model 870 wingmaster. Has a nice stock, with etching. Condition is very good. Paid $250 for this one. I already got offered $350 for this from a friend of mine that wants one to shoot clay pidgeons.

The other is a Remmington 12 gauge that uses Browning's patent for the action. Not a pump, it's semi automatic. Condition is very good, but it looks like it's been re-blued. This shotgun is heavier than average, and I'm told it's not popular for that reason. It's also got a compensator on the end. I got this one for $150. It's a great home defender, I think I'll keep it.

I think I got a good buy on these. I got them at a yard sale. I saw a table with gun cases, and pulled over to see what they had.

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