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Gerry Fable

16 October 2017

There's a discussion below on the need for legions of hostile, infinitely entitled immigrants to support aging baby boomers and replace the declining majority population of Western Civilization. Really now, folks.
The near-entirety of argumentation regarding the supposed need for importing breeders to Western nations is obviously a pseudoscientific ruse. The simple fact is that American and European populations have nearly stopped reproducing because:

(1) They no longer have the time or money, most families having been squeezed by the corporate-governmental oligarchy to the point that both prospective parents must work long hours in order to support the "investor class" and its favored (usually nonwhite) "protected groups" in their preferred styles;

(2) They have been powerfully indoctrinated against reproducing and raising families by academia, the media, and those who shape popular culture, all of which maintain that due to "White privilege", it is the social responsibility of White people to "protect the environment" by going extinct while "more deserving" strains of humanity reproduce as freely and incontinently as possible (that is, very incontinently indeed, often using resources appropriated from Western majorities on threat of incarceration or worse);

(3) Their physical environment has been horrendously and in some cases deliberately polluted by years of irresponsible industrialization which has produced countless tons of toxins including hormone-mimicking compounds and the like.

The general idea seems to be that because White people have already been persecuted half to death for twenty or thirty centuries by the global oligarchy, they now need (and deserve!) to be persecuted yet more through the mass importation of people who hate them, and in some cases want to kill them. Meanwhile, the filthy rich always seem to produce plenty of offspring to inherit their family fortunes, and there's nary a hostile migrant to be seen on their estates or in their gated communities. (Go figure! )

Obviously, someone needs to tell the elite and their academic frontmen, apologists, and lickspittles to have a little respect for our intelligence, if only to spare us their constant attempts to play us for idiots.
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