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Originally Posted by Hassled
May I ask you Anchorage Activist if you have distibuted TAA in your community?

A fair question. Yes, I distributed 100 copies of TAA#2 back during the period June-September 2005, tossing some in driveways, others deposited in public access areas like Anchorage International Airport, the local public library and the entrances to various supermarkets. Despite the variety of distribution styles and techniques employed, the media chose not to report it.

I distributed 100 copies of TAA#3 back about a month ago, this time almost all in residential neighborhoods. To encourage media publicity, I chose neighborhoods where elected officials live to try and sucker them into complaining to the media and providing instant publicity. It didn't work; again no publicity.

I have 200 more copies of TAA#3 to distribute. My MLK day distribution got temporarily sidetracked due to brief personal illness and inclement weather (doesn't do any good to toss TAAs into driveways if they get covered up by 2 inches of snow ). I expect to distribute these by the end of this week.

Even if there is once again no publicity, I plan on distributing TAA#4 when it comes out. Yes, I distribute surreptitiously; I haven't quite reached the level of super-activists like Rounder, Todd, Chain, and others. But people in my community are getting the message.