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Here's a bio of the aggressive Middle Easterner with an inferiority complex known mostly as Medhammer or Racial Myths:

Taken from Refuting Racial Myths:

Racial Myths timeline
February (2000) : RM launches his first website, "Aryan Myth" (, by spamming the guestbook of Thyring's Nordic Page. RM's original site was devoted entirely to what would later become his "Myth #1" -- mainly the Hamito-Semitic Britons nonsense.

May (2000) : RM expands the "Aryan Myth" site into "Racial Myths" ( and spams Thyring's guestbook a second time (he will spam it yet again five months later). RM also spams the SNPA guestbook (p. 25) for the first time.

August (2003) : RM renames site "Racial Reality" ( Content remains largely the same, apart from the deletion of some libelous passages, and the addition of "evidence" such as Welsh-Hebrew linguistic parallels "discovered" by a 17th century scholar.

October (2003) : RM joins forum as "Medhammer". Lists his political orientation as "Medicist".

February (2004) : RM spams Skadi forums with the URL of his new site, March of the Giants: History of the Medish Race (
Who is racial_myths?
Ethnic background : RM has refused to openly state his ethnic background. Based on what he has said, we can infer that he is at least half southern Italian (but not, he will tell you, Sicilian), though he is also said to have claimed to have central European ancestry.
Motivations : Clearly, RM harbors a great deal of animus toward Northern Europeans and those descended from Northern Europe, particularly Americans (just another example of why the Johnson-Reed Act should have been passed thirty years sooner). It's not surprising that a swarthy southern Italian born in America should grow up to be maladjusted and spiteful. A story posted in RM's guestbook by a fellow Italian may shed some light on the RM mentality:

. . . I grew up in upstate NY and there was almost no Italians in that area. . . . My family was disliked by almost everyone. I was only 7 years old and I was given the name "Nigger", because they all beleived that Italians were mixed with blacks. As I grew up I tried very hard to identify myself to these people as being white. It did not work I was never really accepted as white and even some girls wouldn't date me because they thought I had to be at least a mulatto. People used to hang nooses in my locker and beat me as often as they could. Instead of hating these people I tried to make them accept me. They eventually let me into there little society, but I was just someone they could pick on. . . .
Whether or not RM's childhood experiences with white people were as extreme as this, he must have always been aware that he was out of place. Outside some northeastern cities, southern Italians are everywhere in America a small minority. RM lives in California, an area not exactly known for its large southern Italian contingent.

The knowledge that white Americans don't view him as a racial equal drove RM to create his "Aryan Myth" site, with the intention of convincing white Americans that their racial backgrounds were as questionable as his. RM targetted not those who specifically had anything negative to say about Itailians, but merely those who were interested in their northern European ancestry. Thus, RM spammed the guestbooks of Thyring's Nordic Page and the Society for Nordish Physical Anthropology. Both sites are non-political, and neither site concerns Italians; but that didn't stop them from being targets of RM's rage. Any suggestion that northern Europeans are distinct from southern Italians or worthy of being preserved will draw RM's hatred.

In August of 2003, RM renamed his site and made some design changes which he thought would make the site appear more "objective". Publically, RM always claimed his goal was "refuting lies, misinformation and pseudo-scholarship about race". With "Racial Reality", he continues to claim his site is "intended only to correct misinformation, not to denigrate any group or advance an agenda." Of course, this contention is absurd, since, among other faults, "Racial Reality" continues to promote the "Hamito-Semitic britons" myth, despite RM's having been made aware of contradictory evidence. Instead of correcting his errors, RM shored up his "evidence" for Hamito-Semitic influence in Britain by adding to his page "Cambro-Britannic Hebraisms", the discovery of which he attributes to one Charles Edwards in 1675. That's grasping pretty hard, even for RM. And, naturally, RM couldn't even do his own research. He took the list of "Hebraisms" from a now-defunct British-Israelite website (

Later in 2003, RM joined the forum. The Skadi forum was founded by Northern Europeans, and many members are interested in Nordish preservation, so, naturally, RM felt the need to flame them. I believe RM's original account was banned within days, so he re-registered as "Medhammer", unsubtly ripping off an American poster who goes by "Nordhammer".

Most recently, RM has created a new site, "March of the Giants", in which he calls for "Medish People of the World" to "Unite" and expresses his desire to see the genocide of Northern Europeans. Some would like to think the site is a clever parody; but RM clearly invested a good deal of time in it and, as his posts at Skadi show, takes it all too seriously. Undoubtedly, RM created the site intending to write a sort of reverse Racial Compact, the way a Satanist might say the Lord's Prayer backward in order to make himself feel significant. But the site does remove any doubt that RM nurses a violent hatred for his racial betters. And RM does seem to genuinely believe he can make something be true simply by writing it (at least to the extent that he can convince himself), or that he can bargain with people over the truth.

Other : Based on celebrity examples he has chosen, and other statements he has made, we can infer that RM is a consumer of large amounts of hardcore pornography. Moreover, we can infer that RM is obsessed with hollywood movies, particularly those that depict Italian gangsters. I'll make an informed guess that RM majored in film studies at a community college near San Francisco, probably taking a few Psychology classes in the process. By his own admission, Freud, Marx, and Ayn Rand are among RM's intellectual heroes. RM also watches large amounts of MTV and considers Adam Carolla to be very "talented".

Originally Posted by Medhammer

The complete and comprehensive history of the Medish Race, spanning centuries of tumultuous events.

This is their incredible story -- of vast visions, empires, achievements, triumphs against staggering odds, reckless blunders, crushing defeats and stupendous struggles.

Most importantly of all, revealed in this work is the one true cause of the rise and fall of the world's greatest empires -- that all civilizations rise according to their degree of Medish influence and fall according to their degrees of Nordish and Sudish influence, and nothing else -- a nation can survive wars, defeats, natural catastrophes, but not Nordish or Sudish infiltration.