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the fox

That story about the Italian in upstate NY is a hoax, and was writen by idiotic nordics like you, who always want to put down Italians, you are no better then RM, but when the shoe is on the other foot, your inferior nordic instincts jump into action.

You did the samething at Skadi, lying with fake storys to insult SE, that's why they banned you.

You have a personal grudge against medhammer, because you being slavic, medhammer showed data showing slavic and russians had a high percentage of mongrel blood.

So just accept the fact that slavic and Russians have mongrel blood, everybody knows about the mongrel invasions into slavic countrys.

And all these fake storys you put up about Italians and SE is not going to change nothing.

Just look at the Italians that are in politics, sports and actors and actresses, where is the negro blood , you idiot.

I would not be surprised if you were not some semitic looking jew.