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Originally Posted by friedrich braun
Here's a bio of the aggressive Middle Easterner with an inferiority complex known mostly as Medhammer or Racial Myths:[/url]
And here's a bio of the aggressive Laplander with an inferiority complex known mostly as Anon or Refuting Racial Myths:

May (2000) - Anon emerges from his shack in the Ozarks and stumbles onto the Racial Myths (RM) website, which leads him to several life-altering realizations: He discovers that ancient Nordics were just glorified Negroes, and that their modern descendants owe everything they have to the Mediterraneans, Alpines and Dinarics who saw fit to civilize them. He also finds out that as an American of British and Scandinavian descent, he's partly Mediterranean with Lappish, Amerindian and Black admixture, while his Southern European betters remain purely Medish and virtually free of non-white admixture. All of this new information clashes with the Nordicist propaganda he's been fed since childhood, and which by now has become his sole reason for living.

February (2002) - After recovering from a prolonged bout of depression and several failed suicide attempts, Anon returns with an angry, therapeutic answer to RM that he calls "Refuting Racial Myths". The website meticulously recreates the look of RM's site, but lacks all of the scholarship and integrity. Anon's repertoire includes outdated sickle cell data and the revisionist rantings of Nazi-favorite Hans Guenther, which he manipulates in a desperate attempt to discredit his feared nemesis RM. The site is ridiculed by intelligent people, but counts among its few fans whiggers Tony Morello and Antonio, and various multiracialists who can't tell it apart from their own propaganda. It also catches the eye of Nordicist ubermoron Arthur Kemp.

September (2003) - A crackdown by Geocities that caused RM's site to be temporarily pulled finally brings down the RRM site. Shortly thereafter, Anon contacts RM with a paranoid e-mail accusing him of conspiring to keep his website off the internet -- a belief he still holds to this day. (In fact, RM hadn't so much as thought of Anon in more than a year.)

Rest of 2003 - Anon keeps a low profile, but his obsession with RM's site grows more psychotic and starts to get personal. He begins to stalk RM, tracking him from forum to forum and poring over every word he writes in order to gather information for a new website that's secretly in the works. Amazingly, after months of research, he manages to get all of the details about RM's life, beliefs and motivations wrong.

February (2004) - Anon accidentally reveals his love of Jewish teenage boys when he posts an old photograph of one such boy at the RMMB which he had saved on his computer for years and evidently pleasured himself to on numerous occasions.

March (2004) - Anon finally meets his hero, the mentally deficient Arthur Kemp, and a night of passionate love-making between the two men culminates in Kemp agreeing to host Anon's new website alongside his at "", rendering it even less credible than it was before (if that's possible) when it only used Guenther and Karl Earlson as sources.

???? - In the years that follow, Anon continues to make sporadic appearances at the RMMB and update his website, but he eventually drops out of circulation and his whereabouts become unclear. (Likely, he spends these years holed up in the woods, slowly going insane as he contemplates whether or not to take the Unabomber route and start offing people out of frustration.)

August (2057) - Anon is found dead in his shack lying naked next to a goat, later identified as his "wife". Evidence gathered at the scene reveals that he died a lonely, embittered old man, having achieved none of the Nordicist or preservationist goals that he clung to right up until the end, and having squandered the remainder of his meaningless existence pining for the fantasy woman he adored from afar, who, unfortunately, turned out to be all too real, running off with a Negro and having a litter of mixed-race children, as so many Nordic women are prone to doing.

[ The happy couple. ]