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Diablo I agree with much of what you said but these Med versus Nordic threads are always started by Meds with a chip on their shoulder and we are not supposed to respond. They are the ones that are being divisive. I have read Kemps book and his conclusions are scientifically sound.
His main thesis is that the Aryan race will flounder and its civilisations disappear if we allow widescale miscegenation. This is the warning from history. This is the warning to our race today. It is not helpful when trolls such as the one who started this thread are given any credibilty by serious racial nationalists.
And what's more, with respect to these Mediterranean freaks' exhorbitant insecurity, is that Kemp attests to the race mixing in Roman Italy as being between Romans and Germans, not between Romans and non-whites. The Celts, obviously, are an influence, seen as Milan, Turin, Cremona, etc, are all Celtic settlements (see Polybius.)