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Default Peaceful ‘neo-Nazi’ demo went well despite ‘left-wing’ violence

GERMANY — At least 12 people, 10 of them police officers, were injured during protests against a neo-Nazi rally in Dortmund on Saturday. Officials said clashes between left-wing protesters and police got ugly, with protesters throwing stones and fireworks at police who were trying to stop them from running through the town centre.

Around 700 neo-Nazi’s had gathered for a rally in the city, which had been approved by the authorities although a planned march had been banned. Police were ordered to protect their rally which was held in a car park.

Ten police officers were injured while a local Green party politician was slightly hurt while trying to stop people throwing stones at police cars. A woman was also reported injured, although there were no more further details about her. The police also said that 15 of their vehicles were damaged. They arrested around 300 people.