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Default German Police Officers Ambushed into Death Traps by Immigrants

A mob of 30 thugs attacked on Saturday is at the S-Bahnhof Neuwiedenthal the crews of three patrol cars.

A 46-year-old suffered fatal skull fractures Commissioner. An 44-year-old chief master is broken nose, three more police officers are injured by stones and blows. Apparently they had previously targeted the policemen lured into the trap.

At 21.30 clock gets the crew of ‘Peter 47 / 2′ of the radio station Neuwiedenthal use: ‘brawl at the station Neuwiedenthal’. Pure weekend routine in this area think that the two experienced police officers. Minutes later they have to fight for their lives at the station are both initially set anything. Then they look at the corner Rehrstieg / Striepenweg the 27-year-old Peter R. The man has his penis exposed and insulted the policemen.

When the officers get out, they are attacked by a gang of thugs. A 46-year-old commissioner goes to the floor. Then take a running start and offender enters it with full force to the head, runs immediately after it. The policeman suffered a fatal skull fracture on the eye. In addition, jaws and cheek bone are broken. His colleague (35) comes away with neck and neck injuries.

Then arrives a civilian patrol car. Again, the 46-year-old officer, a chief inspector, immediately attacked and injured her face. Finally reached ‘Peter 47 / 1′ the crime scene. A bat moves the squad, a 44-year-old chief inspector, in the back. His colleagues (44) has broken his nose. Only after dozens of cars arrive from all over Peter Hamburg, calmed the situation. The officials arrest 16 suspected. They are called Igor, Diyan, Ali, Noor or Talep and are German. Most are already the police. The man who allegedly came to the Commissioner against the head, is a tunesischstämmiger German (31). He managed to escape. All other suspects were released. You could be identified except the general involvement in the brawl, no concrete attacks against the police.

Interior Senator Christopher Ahlhaus condemned the attack: “The cup is full. The latest incident once again demonstrates the need for longer sentences for violence against police officers. Police Werner Jantosch attended yesterday the injured police officers, said: ‘This makes me callous attack stunned. Violence against police is particularly vile. ‘ Joachim Lenders by the German police union described the perpetrators as ‘underclass’ and ‘scum’.
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Immigrants started to kick police

One good squad of NSskins will fixed this problem...but.....NSskins are forbiden in Germany.
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