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More anti-Zionist regime protests in Berlin

Berlin, Aug 20, IRNA -- Germany's capital Berlin became once again scene of protests against Zionist regime's ongoing ethnic cleansing in occupied Palestine Friday.

Gathering in Berlin's city center, demonstrators, many of them waving Palestinian flags, called for an end to ethnic cleansing by the illegal Jewish state and a boycott of the Zionist regime.
Protesters urged also freedom for the occupied holy Qods.
The anti-Israel rally reaffirmed its support for Palestinian activist Firas Maraghy who has been on a high-profile hunger strike in front of the Israeli embassy in Berlin since July 26 over the Zionist regime's refusal to issue travel documents to his seven-month-old infant daughter which would allow her to live in occupied Qods.
Berlin has witnessed several rallies in solidarity with Maraghy's cause over the past three weeks.
Branding Israel a "racist state," Maraghy has vowed to continue his hunger strike until Israeli officials grant him the necessary residence permit for his child.
His humanitarian case has also become of major interest to Germany's mainstream media which usually does not dare to criticize the the Zionist regime because of deep German guilt over Nazi-era mass crimes against the Jews.

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