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Does all this matter?
Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
At the time of -JC posted the Victorville information, Steele's website showed the Nevada address. They have now changed their mind. I just wrote the Nevada prison facility and they deny that they have Steele there. The moral of the story is that neither -JC or Steele's website can be taken at face value.

Mail addressed to Ed Steele was returned from the SEATAC facility, as Mr. Steele had been moved, a process that took about ten days.

The BOP prison locator information reposted by me (above) has always been correct. The locator link indicating "USP Victorville" WAS posted on the Free Edgar Steele web site, along with an alternative address and identification number, indicating those in possession of the site may have been getting conflicting information. Cut those handling Mr. Steele's affairs a little slack and do your own homework.

A quick phone call to the VIP facility in Adelanto (near Victorville, California) was all that was necessary to confirm that Edgar James Steele #14226-023 was there currently and that is all the information prison officials are allowed to provide to the public. I got the impression that just because Mr. Steele is there this morning does not mean he will still be there tonight, which is the nature of the beast.

Just use the BOP locator system posted and, if you're planning a visit, confirm that Mr. Steele is still at the facility you plan to visit, that you're on his approved visitor list, and ask if there are any other requirements including visiting hours. It's a good idea to ask, up front, for the name of the person who gives you the information.

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