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Angry -JC Needs Reading Comprehension

Originally Posted by -JC View Post
“Trichloroethylene mainly affects the central nervous system (the brain), causing headache, nausea, dizziness, clumsiness, drowsiness, and other effects like those of being drunk. TCE can also damage the facial nerves, and it can cause skin rash. Heavy exposure can damage the liver and kidneys. TCE causes cancer in animals and may cause cancer in humans

“… TCE can also be absorbed through your skin, especially with lengthy skin contact or if your skin is cut or cracked.

“Overexposure to TCE mainly affects the central nervous system (the brain). Other symptoms can also occur, as described below… “
Any fool knows the TCE is not good for your health. The issue here is whether Cyndi is lying about the water at Victorville being contaminated. She also lied about the government confiscating all of their silver and preventing them from hiring a lawyer. That silver was returned a few days later as soon as it was inventoried and long before she ever told the lie.