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Default No, that's your agenda, Mister Pauly...

I guess I don't see a WN swindle by Cyndi based on what is verifiable; maybe a lawyer swindle. And I'm cynical enough to question whether there is, in fact, pollution in the aquifer that might be in domestic water at the prison. Based on what I'm reading, I'd be concerned with being housed at the former George Air Force Base (GAFB) and perhaps using non-potable water for bathing, etc.

My issues are not so much with Cindi Steele, who is understandably stressed probably beyond her limits, but with Pauly making false statements, then editing, changing the subject, name-calling, etc., when they're noticed, e.g., that TCE cannot be absorbed through the skin, thta the pollution at GAFB is a thousand feet beneath the surface, and that Steele is in "max" security lockdown.

Remember that Pauly claims to have volunteered with the National Alliance and then badmouthed Dr. Pierce here. Several of you mentioned to me that Pauly now is bashing the Steeles and anyone who questions why he makes it his business.

"The Federal Correctional Institution (FCI II Medium) - Victorville in Adelanto, California, is a medium security facility housing male inmates... It is part of the Victorville Federal Correctional Complex (FCC)."

This was no pinhole leak: http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/hac/pha/PHA.asp?docid=24&pg=1 “… OU 2: Jet fuel releases. OU 2 consists of the facility's liquid fuel distribution system. A variety of leaks in this system resulted in an estimated of perhaps as much as a 750,000 to 800,000-gallon plume of jet propellant #4 (JP-4) encompassing an area of over 31 acres, as well as a dissolved-phase plume of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes extending over an area of 121 acres…”

I'm told that Erin Brockovich again found PG&E-denied hexavalent chromium in community water including the public swimming pool in the Kettleman Hills, Kings County, California, five years after the Hinkley settlement.

Other concerns about GAFB groundwater pollution are here: http://www.georgeafb.info/about and here: http://www.safie.hq.af.mil/afrpa/leg...date/index.asp including that

"Cleanup Effort Continues at Former George Air Force Base

"The Air Force has been working to clean up the former George Air Force Base since 1981, spending nearly $113 million to rid the ground and two aquifers of jet fuel, solvents, and pesticides. And the job isn't finished. According to the Air Force's 2010 annual report to Congress, the federal government anticipates spending another $40.3 million at George through 2038.

"... The geology, the climate, and the dry ground's sensitivity to water have complicated the cleanup effort at the former George AFB. Located in the High Desert in rural San Bernardino County, George receives an average of less than six inches of rain a year. In such a dry environment, the plentiful irrigation used at the former base pushed contaminants into the aquifer. Once a pollutant gets into the groundwater, it flows with the water in what's known as a plume, degrading the water's quality. The plumes at George are far beneath the surface and can be monitored only by drilling 130 to 260-foot deep wells.
"... Within the past six years, a massive fuel plume, containing about 3.5 million gallons of jet fuel, was discovered about 160 feet under what's called a "tank farm," a group of aboveground fuel storage tanks, each holding thousands of gallons of fuel. Some of the tanks are still being used by businesses flying at the site, now known as Southern California Logistics Airport. The Air Force installed 22 new monitoring wells in 2010 to get more data on the extent of the plume..."

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Any fool knows the TCE is not good for your health. The issue here is whether Cyndi is lying about the water at Victorville being contaminated. She also lied about the government confiscating all of their silver and preventing them from hiring a lawyer. That silver was returned a few days later as soon as it was inventoried and long before she ever told the lie.

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