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Their private affairs are absolutely none of our business.

What one would do is meaningless.
What matters is in real life is what actually gets done.

WN has not been swindled, wives and children get dragged into it against their will most of the time, and suffer terribly because of it. She like him would not have been able to get any decent work, due to his activities. His children will forever suffer for his activities. He is not the victim here, they are.

They have made huge sacrifices over their lives and Cindy has every right to half of their joint estate in the eyes of any court. 100k is not money, its small change over a lifetime, and that won't keep a family for 3 years.0

He chose his little Ukranian honey over her, so Cindy has no further obligations to him.

He must now look to his Ukranian babe, and Cindy and family now need to rearrange their lives, and salvage what they can.

These are serious times for them, and they do not need 2000 plus posts from you insulting and trashing them daily.

A man who sacrifices his family is not a loving husband, nor a loving father. He was also unfaithful to her several times.

One should not worship idols, most have feet of clay.
Secede. Control taxbases/municipalities. Use boycotts, divestment, sanctions, strikes.