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Emily Henderson

Interesting info.

If TPP passes, that will essentially be the end to this type of discussion anyway.

That trade agreement includes all sorts of 'anti hate speech' legal cyber babble. That will mostly center around race and homosexuality being discussed, with certain opinions being deemed 'hate speech.'

So it won't matter if you're hiding your IP or not, the convo won't be allowed at all. Very sick anti First Amendment stuff.

But as far as hiding goes-I get it (why people are not being transparent, they like to work and eat and whatnot), but nothing will change until people don't care anymore.

The alt right was a shocker to me, that it popped up so quickly. It was just a couple of years ago that I was disgusted that, even as things are getting rapidly worse, there is so little out there in the way of combating it. I would watch Collin Flaherty and I think he does a great job of telling the truth, and I would watch the semi annoying RamZPaul only to be disappointed. SF was a place to be attacked and accused of trollery when you did not capitalize 'Caucasian' (although if you stick with it open forums have both bad and extremely good qualities, hard to see when being attacked for bs reasons.)

But just a few years later, we have a candidate who openly advocates for a border wall and he's popular as hell, even with the MSM doing all they can to demonize him. So it's very exciting. I wish more people would get on the 'screw you my name is so and so and I don't care if you don't like my line of thinking' train. The sky will not fall on your head when you do so, necessarily.
That fear is all bs to a great degree, it's just there to shut you up, like the fear of saying 'I don't want to go to church the people there are insane' or 'I think Mother Theresa was a lunatic' or 'The Pope looks uber gay to me' or 'Muslims are nuts' or any of the other things that thousands are thinking and few have the guts to openly say.

And then you find out, when a few with guts or nothing to lose go ahead and say it-oh my, everyone else admits they were thinking the same darn thing-as soon as it's safe to say so, that is.

So to me, Jewgle can spy all they want, I'm doing nothing wrong. I get that they don't have the right, and I totally agree. But I think it would bother these entities much more if people said, (pardon my French) "Fuck you, read everything I write, you nosy assholes, I could care less."

That's what really shocks them, when their value judgments have absolutely no weight anymore.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier