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Smile Our 6th baby child is on the way

Becoming father . .

For the 6th time.

Wife is pregnant.

Soon there'll be one more . .

Fatherhood is one of the biggest joys in life

Yes , we are soon to expect our 6th offspring . . .

Glad I kept my job this year ( even though it temporarily looked as though I was about to lose it )

You know , how long 9 months can sometimes take . .

But awaiting.

New situation . .

I guess it's time to think over new names

Maybe paternal name plus 'junior' ?

Haven't named any of my kids that that far , lol . .

Something to ponder.

Anyway . . .

One of the best moments in life for a parent . .

Something to look forward to.

Just sharing this info . . .

After some chicanes this year ( like being close to losing my job ) , one of the good sites . . .

From the time of the year we have now looks like it'll be a July child.

Awaiting . . . . .

I guess nothing can blur my mood for the next period of time after this

One of the best moments in your life.

Sharing that . . .