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Originally Posted by Henry. View Post
Anyone who spends some time in the archives can have little doubt that Jack the Ripper was a Polish Jew.

The columns and letter pages of the newspapers (especially Jewish) were heavy with debate about the dangers to the Jewish community if prosecution of a certain individual was pursued with a potential rise in violent ant-Semitism being the main reason put forward as to why prosecution should be dropped.

It's funny how no one ever made a film about the case based on what was once considered most likely to have happened, while the Royal family have been unable to stop themselves being vilified by any nutcase with a theory.

It shows where the power really lies.

See Here
I've not seen that article before - thank you. It's telling that all sorts of names have been put forward for the Ripper - some with convincing evidence - but this Aaron Kosminski has seemed to escape notice. Didn't someone write on a wall something along the lines of "the juwes (sic) are the ones who shall not be blamed"? I could never figure out what that was in aid of.
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