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Originally Posted by Greg Johnson View Post
All the Jewish propaganda in the world couldn't sell white guilt if white people were not willing to buy it. And as far as I know, whites are the only race weak and foolish enough to buy it.
Does this mean that you will stop saying that Anne Frank is Holocaust enough?

I am sorry but anybody that has a hard time stomaching The Turner Diaries is not a very convincing role-model for toughmindedness.

We are also the only race that seems to care much about the suffering of animals. I don't think that White people in general are going to become coldhearted brutes able to laugh off accusations of gratuitous mass-murder anytime soon. Even the Turks don't do that.

The answer to Holocaust propaganda is to educate our people in the truth.

Truth is a great European value, by the way, maybe our highest value. Calculating to exploit the prevailing false belief is rather Jewish.

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