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If the oil company's dont want efficient alternative/green cars they will do their damnedest to make sure we never get them.
The other problems are investment research and development.
One country that realised the oil company's had them by the balls was Iceland so they sorted that out and now have 85% of their energy supplied by Mother Earth.

The knock on effect was their ability to tell the international banking system to go fuck themselves when the shit was well on its way to the fan.

This looks like a nice little money saver if you have a gas guzzler.
The guy has similar mileage and a similar car to what I had 2,800cc Mitsubishi Pajero/Shogun.I also used a half and half diesel vegetable oil mixture that worked great when veg oil was 20p per litre diesel was 120.
I was going to try this and other economical modifications until my insurance went to over 2,000 a year so I just gave my car to a friend.

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