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Originally Posted by T.Garrett View Post
CBD is readily available here in the NYC area and helped me to sleep after a construction accident that laid me out last year for awhile.

CBD worked better for me than the old go to melatonin which I'd use to help with the occasional bouts of insomnia that plague this old man and has the added effect of helping with the neuropathy I had in my left hand from the incident as well.

Good stuff. I'd be interested in growing/distributing/whatever, $ky'$ the limit with all things connected to marijuana, hemp and it's 'medicinal' uses these days.
Yes, hemp has a secondary use that is lucrative, it's the fibers. Used for all kinds of things but the fibers can be used for 'hempcrete' in construction-- that'd be valuable to an extreme.

More on the fiber aspect here:

I remember getting a smoothie in TX in lieu of lunch sometimes called the 'Honey Bear' and it had honey, banana, soy milk, vanilla, and hemp seeds. I asked why hemp seeds and the worker told me 'protein!'. People waited in the sweltering heat to get the smoothies because it had waiting space outside--line wrapped around the block so I figured they were good and they were.

Hemp has about 31 g of protein per 100 g of hemp, and also Vit E, magnesium, calcium, etc. Healthy fats too.

I'm primarily a bee wumin but want to diversify and this is definitely interesting, gonna learn about it this summer.
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