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I get it that some of you took a gamble on Trump initially, as that "first in a generation" type candidate running for President. In hopes that he would "drain the swap", and potentially bring a little bit of sanity back into government.

That time is over. Your guy got elected, and it's just more of the same old shit, just like many of the critics, including me, said it would be. And the reason I've mostly refrained from reminding people that is because I recognize that most of the ones who jumped on the "Trump Train" know they were wrong. As long as people understand that and move on, great.

But here you are trying to justify that position as a viable strategy, when it's been proven to be an abject failure. You're looking to spin "Let's vote for the GOP because they're better than the Democrats" any way you can. And even if you don't directly spell it out, that's your position. And where you're wrong (again) is assuming that many of the people who originally supported Trump share that same position. Trump was a one-off fluke that they were willing to give a shot, and it didn't pan out. Time to adapt and move on. Most people seem to get this.
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