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Default Re: RIM stock @ C$149.9 one time in 2008, $7.39 today (July-1-2012). The biggest unanswered question is where is the mon

Much the same with NOK, Nokia.

I had a relative get stupid once and ask me for advice on investing some money. I put him in Nokia stock and told him to never sell. This was back in 1998 when it was about $10 a share. It soared to about $58 a share in 2000 thus converting his $5000 investment into something close to $30000 in just a few short years. My stock-picking genious was confirmed. So he followed my advice and refused to sell -- ever.

I think the stock is selling for around $3 now. It makes me too sick to look it up. No one has asked me for stock-picking advice since.