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Default Re: RIM stock @ C$149.9 one time in 2008, $7.39 today (July-1-2012). The biggest unanswered question is where is the mon

The tragedy of RIM is that the Blackberry was a premium quality design amidst the heaps of android and iCrap, but the mob won out with the touchscreen fad.

I still maintain that as for the form factor of a phone, the Blackberry hardware keypad design with the more than adequate display size (for a phone), was the Aston Martin of phones.

The iPhone / Android touchscreen as the whole thing won out because people feel like "hey I have more space in my pocket to view a webpage or a photo" and "I have pointless shitty apps!", even though it is just fine doing it on a BB screen, not to mention with a much better looking device.

It is the same scenario as people like the Jew Mark Pincus of Zynga being repeatedly quoted as saying things along the lines of "you aren't smarter than the competition, just copy competitors and do it over and over 'til you get their users". There are countless people playing their horrible rip-off games, that company is among the top-grossing on mobile and facebook for games, yet both avid gamers, game critics, and developers alike, agree that they are a pathetic slimeball of a company that solely focuses on ripping off the creativity of others, promoting it with their cash stash, solely for the purpose of money (as Pincus the Jew admits!), and expecting to settle if they get sued, while pumping out their horrible cow clickers.

I can't wait for that big kike boat Zynga to sink. They'll take social gaming down with them faster than the Jews took down the organic, genuine enthusiasm that used to be in PC gaming before shekel-chasers like Bobby Kotick farted all over it with their mob-friendly shitty games with recycled code.

I laughed so hard when I saw EA's stock falling through the floor after the investors got wind of the giant fart that SWTOR was. I'd not be surprised if the same happens with Blizzard and their horrible Diablo 3 with that fat, arrogant, hack of a turd Jay Wilson.

Go on free market, work your magic. Don't worry, these fucks don't get bailed out!

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