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Default Re: RIM stock @ C$149.9 one time in 2008, $7.39 today (July-1-2012). The biggest unanswered question is where is the mon

And of course I was right, as I've just noticed on google that Vivendi - BlizzardActivision's parent company - has now seen their stock hit a 9-year low, thanks to investors seeing what a huge turd Diablo 3 turned out to be.

And in fairness, it was probably less of a big dud due to people like Jay Wilson, and certainly more due to them greedily trying to design it solely for max cash-extraction with their pay2win bullshit real money auction house.

This is what happens when you change from something high quality like Blizzard North, into a kike-fest with someone like Bobby Kotick called Blizzard-Activision.

But of course, the 'players' are way too fucking stupid to see this has anything to do with race, even though it is more than obvious that this industry - a mere sub-segment of the software industry, like any other industry - has just gotten shittier when kikes came in and planted their hideous battle flag they plant in all places they see creativity: "Disregard quality, maximize shekels".