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Default Lets Get Patrick Little to $5k in Donations!

Even 1 dollar from folks on gab and these forums would go a long way, he is being worked against by some who claim they want a guy just like him...well now they have one and he's not what they want. Same with Nehlen. They don't get their way in some capacity with this person, and throw them under the bus totally. This does not make sense.

We could have Feinstein and anonymous meme makers to combat her, that's 'all good', but this is better. Real people with names and faces, with clean backgrounds, calling out the Jew and citing they are not having the heebie jeebies about being White and neither should you.

Checks to:

Patrick Little

PO Box #6025

Albany, CA 94706

If the check is for less than $200.00, you have to include your name and address on the piece of paper, or else he has to surrender the funds you send to the FEC.

If your check is for more than $200.00, you have to include you name and address, as well as your profession and employer name.
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