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Default Kecksburg UFO Incident: 40 Years Ago!

A fire in the sky, an acorn-shaped object partially buried in the ground, odd hieroglyphic markings, the military restricting access to the site, a possible government cover-up -- all in Westmoreland County and it's all a part of what's known as the UFO incident in Kecksburg.

Friday will mark the 40th anniversary of that incident, when numerous people witnessed a fireball streak across the skies in the late afternoon.

While the fireball reportedly was seen in four states, it landed in a wooded area near the village of Kecksburg, near Mt. Pleasant.

All the witnesses interviewed said that the object in question was large, metallic, acorn-shaped, with hieroglyphic markings, and partially buried in the ground.

Soon after the object fell, the military was on the scene and cordoned off the area, forbidding access to everyone.

Even after a military flat-bed trailer truck was seen rushing out of the area carrying a tarpaulin-covered object, to this day the official story from the government was that nothing was found, that what crashed was a meteorite...

Rest of the "official story":

AND... there's a Nazi spin to the story. This is not "official" but it's damn interesting:

Part of this author's book (about German secret projects in WWII) asserts that Hans Kammler, an operative for the SS special warfare division, was in the final days working on a bell-like object called "Der Glock" which was similar to what turned up 21 years later in Pennsylvania...

From the above link:


The UFO Crash and Retrieval at Kecksburg, Pennsylvania,December 1965

Twenty years after Kammler's "Bell" went missing, a remarkably similar object reportedly crashed in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, in a wooded area in the country. The story of the Kecksburg incident begins at approximately 4:45 PM, December 9, 1965. From northern Canada to western Pennsylvania, thousands of witnesses described "an orange fireball tearing acoss the evening sky towards the south east, followed by a trail of smoke."13 Witnesses included pilots spread throughout Ontario, Michigan, and Ohio that were along the flight path of the object. Once over Ohio, however, the object clearly demonstrated that it was not a typical meteor, nor a crash in the ordinary sense of "space debris," for according to witnesses, it stopped, stood still "for a few seconds" and then changed its course towards Pennsylvania...

BELOW: Artist's impression of the Kecksburg bell after it was shipped to Wright-Patterson AFB.

"The Nazis were trying to build a fucking time machine!" --- Marcus to Nick Cook about Kammler's bell object, cited in The Hunt for Zero Point.

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