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Originally Posted by Enkidu
WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? OK, very little, but Jung liked this sort of thing. I think he would call it a synchronous event of order two.
Then again, maybe Hans Kammler dialing you up at the Cosmic Coincidence Control Center, offering you a commission in the SS saucer division.

Seriously I'm surprised that all of The Reich of the Black Sun is online and you can read it for free. Seems like I bought it only a year or so ago. Joe Farrell, the author, covers loads of interesting things, and you do not have to like UFOs. The bulk of the book concerns itself with nukes, strange sub movements, the possibility the bomb America dropped on one Japanese city was in fact made in Germany, etc.

Damn interesting. This is the main index page:

Pick a spot and see. Farrell is a most unusual fellow, finding strange (but verifiable) stuff all over the world.

There are two works I consider essential for understanding what sort of total lies the allies have peddled about what went on in Germany during the final days of WWII. Nick Cook wrote the first and Joe Farrell wrote the second. Good to see one of them online where more people can read it.
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