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Reminds me of a "toy" i want pretty bad.

500 lumens! Saw one sold on ebay awhile back for $300 which is good, and it was the new one with the pyrex lens. The older ones have a lexan lens and it starts to melt after 10 minutes or so according to the manufacturer. Rechargeable too. This thing is for blinding an intruder. If this Surefire company has it's way, the new trend in non-lethal cop stuff will be blinding lights. They sell a lot of extra-bright flashlights to police depts already.

As far as eyesight goes, I try to force myself to look at darker areas just off to the side of a light. Especially when driving at night. My sight's ok still but noticebly weaker than when i was 20 or so. Your vision is better off to the side a little anyway, probably because most people tend to look straight at a light area, especially at night, when the contrast is greatest. If you're young, headlights and streetlights are deceptively mild compared to something like the sun, so you often look straight at them. You use up your center vision sooner. If you're still young, try to save it up for when you need it.

A good laser pointer might be handy for blinding trespassers from a distance, but I heard it's technically illegal to shine those in the eyes on purpose. Hard to aim, too. Hard to keep it on one spot from a distance.