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Originally Posted by Jean West View Post
I'm surprised to find Brad/Hunter listed here (first visit). I think he's rather remarkable: quick wit, well-researched and organized theoretical proposals; wrong on violence and anti-Jews, but unstoppable on anti-Blacks (as a Northern Lutheran, two of my biggest surprises when I entered these kinds of forums was Catholic seething hatred for Protestants and Southern White seething hatred for Blacks). I tend to thin that Brad/Hunter's choice to focus down and dirty on Blacks to the virtual exclusion of Jews was a logistic one; Occidental Observer, Counter-Currents and VNN had Jews covered and VDare and others had "immigration," covered cleanly.
He's retarded, and so is his blog and 99% of his commenters. A bunch of Christ-insane morons longing for the glory days of the "old south" whining about "Yankees".

After the 2012 election he threw a massive shitfit because his Mitt Romney didn't get elected. A few of us here liked the "worse is better" and wanted Obama re-elected. Not as if Romney would have been better at all, but having a nigger puppet up there to rile up Whites who could become sympathetic to our cause eventually is a good thing. Well "Brad" didn't like that. His attitude was "HOW BAD DOES IT HAVE TO GET?!" Probably crying and sobbing uncontrollably as he typed.

He's no White Nationalist (oh wait he's a "Southern Nationalist" ) and no friend of ours, or White people in general. If you don't comprehend the Jew threat, well, you're just a dumbass or worse. Jews already have world domination, ya know?
"What are they? A religion, a race, a criminal conspiracy?" - Craig 'Chain' Cobb on the jews