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To highlight some content from the article above.
To disallow Steele and his wife to speak (at the wifes request) is unthinkable. They don't want him to have any contact because they want the wife to believe he done this. I know how they tried to inflame the black Judge in my case, not to mention the black prisoners I came to court shackled to. The deputy just laughed when he saw me in such a state, then proceeded to mention David Duke and how I must have a problem with inter-racial relationships. He did it hoping to get me killed or beaten. That's the way corrupt law enforcement works. But that prick will one day have to answer for his crimes and perversion of justice. And to think he was white...bald headed and very ignorant. A good deal of our enemies are our own. Some of you need to understand that fact. Some in my family are just as liberal and stupid as the year is long. When I got out, most replies to my story was "that I must have done something". I tried telling them but they don't listen cause they think the law is honest and always does good.