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Originally Posted by Stronza
AE, I love the article on Callas. I know she was a bitch, but the voice is unmistakeable. She is the only soprano I can easily recognize if I turn on the radio during an opera recording. How about you?
Nah, actually I'm not very good at recognizing voices except ones that I have heard live a few times. Like I could probably recognize Samuel Ramey since I have probably heard him at least 4 times. Maybe a few others, but not many.

Also I'm big on Wagner. I havent really heard too much bel canto.

But I like to read about Callas and if I ever have the time to listen to her I will.

Oh yes one more thing. You know that if she was Greek, she didnt like Jews. I can't see her singing for Jew Levine any more than she wanted to for this guy in the article.