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Originally Posted by Emily Henderson View Post
On a serious note (as serious as one can take this) you proved neither point.

Here is a link regarding how we measure the size of the sun and moon.

It explains what we can and cannot know and why:


Here's an excerpt:

"astronomers get to measure angular sizes in a more accurate way, and with that they can get the actual sizes of the objects. To do that we have to take into account the distance to the objects we are measuring. An example of that is that even though the Sun and the Moon have the same angular size, the Sun is in fact much larger than the Moon. They just appear the same size because the Sun is much farther. So from accurate measurements of the distance to the Sun and to the Moon, and measuring their angular sizes, we can get good estimates of their actual sizes. The values we get are that the radius of the Sun is 696,000 km, and the radius of the Moon is 1740 km."

So you say the sun is 'clearly much smaller' than believed by astronomers who explain exactly how they come to their estimates on the sizes, and what those estimates are.

Show me what you estimate the size to be and WHY, and how the information was obtained, and by whom.

As for satellites, no they do not work without gravity, we have GPS satellites which most people are familiar with and they don't work without gravity.

How are they orbiting without gravity?

"Each satellite in the GPS constellation orbits at an altitude of about 20,000 km from the ground, and has an orbital speed of about 14,000 km/hour (the orbital period is roughly 12 hours - contrary to popular belief, GPS satellites are not in geosynchronous or geostationary orbits)."

^^Exact numbers for the orbital period...here is a vid:

How Do Satellites Get & Stay in Orbit?

Now....instead of declaring the information 'garbage' tell me why it is garbage.

Refute his points with counter-points so we can believe you are correct and he is wrong.

If you are armed with evidence that proves him wrong you'll certainly be happy to present it.

If it doesn't work the way they claim, how does it work? Declaring that it doesn't is meaningless. You say there are no satellites and it works 'with antennas.'

Prove that with data.
Satellites don't exist, even GPS systems work with Antennas.