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I stoppe and made a pit stop in West Memphis, AR.

I parked. beside the cat scale at the Petro truck stop. As I was walking into the Petro. I notice a group of Whites they were talking amongst themselves as were a group of Nogs that were standing a few feet away. Self segragation so to speak.

As I was walking out of the Petro. I blurted out "what a shit hole".

One of the White guys said "you just noticed that". He took my bait. I turned to him and placed a TAA in hand, then walked back to my truck, without saying a word.

As I was leaving the parking lot. Some other White guy was reading the TAA, with one of the Nigs peeping over the White mans shoulder. The Nig didn't read much (that's if it could read at all) before walking away.

The first guy might not have wanted to read the paper but the other White guy was reading it.

Another seed planted for when he gets into his truck, turns on some fat ass talk show host and the dots start to connect of what he read in TAA#4.
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