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Originally Posted by Wyte_Fyte View Post

Given that the wealthy have as their privilege whether earned or no the command of wealth
They have according to Nature’s Law An obligation
To their extended family & must use their wealth
To live into perpetuity
Through posterity
Their noblesse oblige
Must manifest itself in
Pro-White patronage
A just distribution
Of those resources which
Are not necessary
For personal or immediate familial
Survival, Advancement, and Expansion
The following are recommendations
Of ways to achieve the
Survival, Advancement and Expansion
Of the noble White Race

1) Establish: a) a cooperative farm or volkstead whereon Pro-White activists or decent White People may be permitted to live as a ‘worker’,etc. And build and develop a sustainable, salubrious living space b) a collective housing project that can serve as an organizational HQ or nerve center to enable younger White activists to build wealth through pooling resources together and saving money through discounted living, and have a community to foster and spread the organization’s ideology & message (see the document “Terra Alba: Towards a Sustainable Living White Living Space” and the story “Rites of Passage” for specifics)
2) Pay White activists to distribute and spread propaganda as a part time job paying their expenses to eg. Drive from one town or city to the next on trips and stay in hotels,etc. (eg.the hate bus of Rockwell) or buy activists cargo vans in which they could live and be paid to drive around the country distributing leaflets or carrying out other propaganda activities; pay vagrants to distribute leaflets
In general pay activists to obtain the necessary materials such as printer and ink, paper and so on or to set up telephone answering services or websites or whatever other specific costs involved in activism(rallies; marches; demonstrations,etc.)
3) Create an archive of rare pro-white literature as a means of storing historical works on eg. Bioanthropology; ancient history; philosophy and other primary source documents as well as an archive of primary source material such as vinyl musical records(with a handcrank phonograph); microfiche and reader; paintings and works of art. Establish an art gallery of contemporary pro white artists &/or historical works to enable the thriving of a counter-culture to appeal to various socio-economic demographics(high brow; low brow) and possibly make available to the public.
4) Purchase property to serve as a ‘lebensborn’ communal living space and invite white women to live for free as ‘staff’ or ‘cleaners’ to serve as mothers of children. They could then claim another address and that the child’s father is unknown to derive money from the government for child support (this would presuppose women can be trusted to keep a secret). This could also be done in conjunction with white orphans or white refugee children who could be raised in the pro white ideology.
5) Establish a fund or investment vehicle or create a charity to draw profit into the pro white cause and to serve as a tax shelter or to attract other investors; a holdings company or other venture to pool resources and derive more of a yield on investment that would go back to the cause either in toto or in part(a percentage of the profits).
6) Invest in commodities that would be necessary or desirable for the cause(eg. Arable farmland and livestock; guns and ammo; tangible, usable assets of any variety)
7) Buy up cheap houses in small towns and make available to whites only, eventually buying up entire towns through adequate incentives and/or crowding out non-whites through non-violent aversive/repellent behaviour(eg. PLEs, Warren Jeffs of FLDS, etc.)
8) Establish naturopathic health clinics that also serve as a museum for medical practice prior to jewish allopathic dominance: eg. Old instruments and equipment as well as framed photographs of archival footage with captions and books for sale to demonstrate the true medical practice of the Aryan.
9) Put on concerts and plays starring only White musicians and actors consisting only of White created Art(eg. Mozart; Shakespeare) as opposed to the jewish and non-white actors and musicians
10) Fund lectures and lecturers who put forth pro white culture to the appropriate demographics(high brow to low brow, ivory tower to bar room).
11) Fund or organization a private security company and use them to protect only White clients property and events. Such an organization could be used as a recruiting tool for prospective Pro White activists employing Whites only. The Pro-White organization could also front as a security company or other business.
12) Purchase a gymnasium that could serve as a social club itself a front for the political organization.
13) Will all assets to the Pro-White cause exclusively not to greedy children if they are known to be anti-white or prodigal wastrels.
The future of the White Race depends upon you Patronage
The younger generations have been cast out of society and have minimal wealth and power. In Today’s world Money = Power and without only brute force remains.
Therefore save the otherwise inevitability of bloodshed and invest in White Posterity!

They tried this in the 60s and 70's in hippie communes. The thing is whenever you attempt to build a communist type utopia, there are some who feel their superior even among those they consider equal peers. There will always be those who think they can sit around drinking beer and fucking off while everyone else does all the work. In essence, what you suggest already exists in most remote rural farm communities. Unless you have an army of lawyers and powerful political based protection, one lawsuit will cause it all to collapse.