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How many people know that most of Sweden's major newspapers are owned by one jewish family, Bonnier?

Sweden is used as the perfect example of political correctness gone crazy. People all over the world are pointing at the Swedes and laughing and shaking their heads, and wondering: why are the Swedes doing this to themselves? Why are they hell-bent on committing collective suicide?

That's where I come into the picture. My job is to show our readers that the Swedes aren't doing this to themselves. They aren't committing collective suicide. They're being murdered, and the culprit is the jew. And as I have shown in some of my other threads, the jews are doing the same thing in other Western countries too.
Here's the umpteenth example of what the jew-imposed multiculturalism has done to Sweden:

Volvo CEO laments Sweden’s high crime rate, says company might move its HQ abroad

Published time: 11 Jul, 2019 22:23
Edited time: 12 Jul, 2019 08:36

The head of the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has created quite a stir at home, saying that his company struggles to attract foreign specialists due to the lack of public security and may be considering moving elsewhere.

Speaking to the daily Svenska Dagbladet, Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson lamented the fact that the auto manufacturer has been gradually losing its appeal to foreign tech experts and engineers, as well as top managers. The problem, according to him, partly lies in the fact that the specialists are reluctant to move to Sweden’s second largest city of Gothenburg, where Volvo’s headquarters are located, because of the arguably high crime rate.
Criminal activities in Sweden’s second-largest city have indeed featured in the headlines for quite some time. Back in August 2018, Gothenburg saw a massive crimes surge, with dozens of cars as well as several buildings getting torched in a series of arson attacks.

A year prior, some areas of Gothenburg were described as virtual “no-go zones,” which have high crime and poverty rates and serve as fertile ground for religious extremism.